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Learn French In Residence In Beautiful Avignon, Provence

Come and learn French immersed in the sunshine and fragrance of Provence!


Undecided about French immersion at Le français chez Julie? Here are some reasons to consider changing your approach to learning French:

  • You’ve been studying French in a language school or taking online French courses for a couple of months...or years, and you feel it is now time to take the plunge and finally come to France to give your French a real boost.

  • Perhaps, you studied French in college years ago, or you live in France but have no opportunities to advance quickly.  In either case, you have attained a certain level that does not match official language levels. Then, one-on-one tutoring is for you!

  • You struggle to understand spoken French in movies and TV and formal French language courses don’t seem to help.

  • When visiting Paris, you do not feel up to par with your French, and when interacting with the locals, they quickly switch to English, upon hearing your level and your accent.

  • You need to learn French quickly and intensively as part of your job to interact better with French speaking colleagues, clients or partners.


If these scenarios sound familiar, be reassured that you are not alone. There is a solution! Le français chez Julie has proven to be a highly efficient program, as proclaimed by numerous testimonies...

"I have been studying French for many years and have attended many immersion courses all over France and Belgium. Some of these courses have been good; others terrible. Julie’s was the best." Ronald

As a student, you are 100% guaranteed to improve your oral communication skills in French, as well as your comprehension of spoken French and your overall confidence in the language.


So pack your bags and come to France for an amazing vacation in idyllic Provence during this unique intensive French immersion program with Julie. 

You will learn practical French face to face in real situations.  

Based in Avignon, a medieval city in the sunny South of France, you will learn and build your confidence in French in one to three weeks, no matter what your current French level is (from A2 to C2).



The French immersion program represents a true innovation regarding language education and the language learning process. It’s now common knowledge that learning through experiential learning is much more efficient and rewarding than learning from books at schools.

On the contrary, Julie’s immersion program is absolutely oriented toward real life conversation practice. The focus is on French as it is commonly spoken today.

During your immersion course, you will have in-depth one-on-one conversations with Julie everyday. During this conversational learning, Julie will focus on areas for improvement and answers all of your questions about French life and language. Since Julie is a certified and experienced French teacher and a former examiner for the official exams like Delf, Dalf or Tcf, she is fully competent at understanding your specific needs. She will structure the lessons and conversations for you to progress quickly in the language. Julie is extremely patient and very encouraging. She truly thinks kindness and mutual trust are essential elements in the learning process.


During your immersion course, you will get the opportunity to spend time with Julie visiting iconic Provence. Learning French should not be a source of stress. Au contraire!

During your days out, you are going to learn a great deal without even realizing it - and isn’t that the best way to learn a language? Have your lessons at a café and truly feel immersed in the intoxicating aromas and atmosphere of the Sud de la France. Take a road trip through the olive groves of Les Alpilles, buy flowers at the market, taste the succulent fruits and vegetables from all over France, see the gorgeous light that inspired so many painters like Cezanne and Van Gogh, wander in the narrow streets of the most beautiful villages of France, gaze across the dazzling poppy fields, take marvelous pictures in the lavender or marvel at the 1st century roman aqueduct Pont du Gard as you canoe under its arches. See here the most popular places to visit among her students.

These are the kind of lessons that are provided in Julie’s immersion course. Unlike traditional language schools, this experience will definitely offer some of the most memorable moments of your lifetime, blending French language with its art, history, culture and gastronomy. There will be multiple opportunities to practice your newly acquired speaking skills with locals with Julie.



Now for the cherry on top: throughout your French immersion, you will be staying in an exquisite private mansion where Molière, known as France’s Shakespeare, also stayed three centuries ago! What could be better than to be immersed not only in the language but, literally, in a French mansion with 500 years of history?


Why bother studying French at a language school in your home country when you have this unique chance to visit and fully enjoy France and its art de vivre while gaining confidence to fully interact in French with the locals? All this is within your reach through Julie’s French immersion program in Avignon. 


"All I can say is that "SHE IS THE BEST".

Here is what I loved about my experience.

Julie is so easy to get along with.

Julie is remarkably good at what she does: understanding the needs of her students and then structuring her lessons in a manner that optimizes the end result.

Julie is an excellent host.

The apartment is located in a historic building from the 17th century.  The meals that she prepares are out of this world. Mon Dieu!

She is so knowledgeable about the area that you need not do any research.

She has it all." Harris

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