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During your French immersion stay, breakfast and lunch will be provided Monday through Friday.


Guided by the joy and pleasure of eating in a sunny country, where we like to live well, I try, in my cooking, to develop to the maximum the flavors and scents of the original product. 


I visit the covered market place Les Halles every morning to get you what is considered as the best in town. If you are a bit adventurous, I’d be happy to introduce you to dishes you have never tried before. 


I try to make each breakfast different. Fresh seasonal fruits, soft boiled eggs, scramble eggs, oeufs cocotte, croissant or pain au chocolat, brioche, amandine, cannelé, fouasse (light fluffy brioche with orange flower water and sugar), homemade chestnut yogurts, avocado with yogurt, flower honey and seeds, porridge, home-made granola, etc.


Provence is famous in France and worldwide for the quality of its vegetables and fruits. 

Everyone in France knows the Cavaillon‘s melons, Carpentras’s strawberries, Saint Rémy de Provence‘s olive oil, the cherries of Vénasque‘s cherries, Lauris’ asparagus….We are lucky to have fresh garlic, delicious artichokes, the most succulent tomatoes, flavored fennel, as well as locally grown black truffle - that we call hier “the black diamond


Where I live, 10 minutes away from the apartment you are staying in, I’m so lucky to have a farmer neighbor producing delicious organic vegetables just in front of my house. I try to respect the environment and therefore, it is very important to me to buy locally grown food, herbs from my own garden and a little meat. Depending on the season, I can sometimes use flowers to make very special dishes, like this Violet syrup with violetts I picked in the countryside. 

Over the week, I make you try many cheeses, and as this is an undeniable part of the French culture, to teach you some classical cheese names. Very often, we visit a Fromagerie together, where you can also practice your French by ordering cheeses.

chevrerie emilie.jpg

Even if I don’t drink wine at lunch, I offer you excellent wine from all over France.

If you have special diet requirements, I can also adapt and provide meals suited to your personal dietary needs.

For dinner, you are welcome to use the kitchen on your own, and there are plenty of places down the street for dining out.

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