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  • 15 hours of formal French classes or more on demand

  • All levels (from A1 to C2)

  • Conversational

  • DELF-DALF or TCF exam preparation

  • French A-level

  • French for professional

During the French classes, we will focus on improving your speaking skills, with conversation about your interests: your family, your travels, languages, movies, sports, food, books, geopolitics, philosophy, music, or whatever you care to discuss.

Speaking freely, even with easy sentences, is the first step in gaining self-confidence in a foreign language.
While you speak, I will not interrupt you, but will take notes on your progress, highlighting your recurrent mistakes, mentioning useful grammar points, or pointing out idiomatic ways of expressing what you mean. I will then use these notes to choose specific grammar games to overcome your mistakes, or narrative board games to make you practice and speak more fluently.

Of course, we will also work with audio-recordings and videos (with or without subtitles) to train your ear to differentiate and recognize words, especially in daily spoken French.

During your free time, I will encourage you to work with the progress evaluation notes and to do written work to strengthen your new knowledge, such as writing texts using the new vocabulary or doing grammar exercises.

As I am also a former examiner for DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue française), DALF (Diplôme approfondi de langue française) and TCF (Test de connaissance du français) exams, I can also prepare you for these exams, including doing mock exams.
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