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Prebook your French Immersion

If you are now interested in taking a French immersion with Julie, you can now ckeck her availability, fill in this form with your details and prebook your stay. Be aware that reservations only open 12 months in advance.

After sending this Prebooking, you will receive a summary of this information on your mail box.


Starting price : The basic price for 1 week, which includes the accommodation, the French course, and the excursions for 1 student is 2,800.

Additional student : The additional cost for an extra student is 800.

Additional guest : The additional cost for an extra guest, including the accommodations and excursions is 400.

Check availability :


No availability left

No availability left


Not open for booking

If your dates are not available : You can still fill in the form with your requested dates or time frame. You will be put on a waiting list and Julie will contact you in case of a cancellation. In case of different dates/time frames, please specify them in the message you send to Julie.

You want to book more than 12 months ahead: Please fill in the form with your requested dates. Julie will put you on a waiting list and get back to you 12 months before your arrival date.

Anticipated arrival : You may consider arriving one day earlier in order to recover from jetlag and get prepared for your French immersion program. An extra fee of 80 euros (low season) / 130 euros (high season) will be charged at your arrival.
In case of a multiple-week-immersion stay, the Saturday night is free.

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